Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An icon or two

An early morning, we cut through streams of busy salaried workers (and a bull bronzed in its privates) in the financial district to get to our treasure map's X - the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. What better way to get to see the Statue of Liberty, than free? In the courtyard of the ferry terminal, we were approached by 2 teams of "info desk employees" - except that they were definitely not anyone from the staten island ferry, but salesmen trying to promote paid trips to the Statue itself. Do not trust them - ready yourself with the knowledge that the staten island ferry is the only option to get to see the statue up close without turning your pockets inside out. We were there at a bad time - it was still early and it was a foggy day, but I still liked what I saw... the lady behind a wall of fog, over heads and arms extended with cameras in hand. Be sure to go on the right side of the ferry when heading to staten island, and on the left when returning.

2 trips on the ferry and a Columbus Circle later, we were in the middle of Sheep Meadow, Central Park. Armed with our picnic food (from Flavors - I love their everything) in hand, we hosted our pocket sized version of a fĂȘte champĂȘtre on a field shared with frisbee players and the cutest kid who entertained himself with his homemade drum kit. Do you know what the best ground for lying on is? Fluffy spring grass. There's no better choice.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Couple of bridges

My NYC borough to find a bed in has always been Brooklyn. It is more affordable, it is more homely. The very confusing (but satisfying, when you get it all sorted out) metro brings one from Brooklyn to Manhattan and in the other direction as easy as pie, and I always like to look out of the train's windows as we're crossing the bridge over to the next borough. Following our time in another part of Brooklyn (Williamsburg) earlier in the day, we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park area to catch the sun go down. From there, you'll get to see both the Manhattan Bridge - the bridge the metro travels on in between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and check out DUMBO too, for the classic view of the Manhattan Bridge - and the Brooklyn Bridge. Don't forget Jane's Carousel, a stunning piece behind glass doors that offers rides for $2. Gran Electrica is nearby and is great for its bar, outdoor patio and tapas.