After the visit from the eccentric weather over the past weeks, the loveliest blooms have sprung up all over the island. Tiny pink flowers dotted the trees that lined the highways and park walks have become much more fun around here. With that in mind, Dad drove us to the Singapore Botanic Gardens so that we could get a local version of the Japanese sakura festival. Quite honestly we met with not as much colourful blooms, but at least we met our national flower - the Vanda Miss Joaquim!

I think I've had just the right break today to recharge; spending some true quality family time and having my list of cravings satisfied all in one day. To my tests to come: you're in for a warrior! X


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Hello! So says my sweatshirt, just that my hair has it covered. It was pretty chilly today after the sudden torrent of rain so I took the opportunity to finally break out my cute as hell Monki sweatshirt. I'm in love with Monki; their stuff are the most quirky, the cutest and the most comfortable. Vive le Monki! I only wish they would operate somewhere closer to Singapore and rather recently I've heard that they will be having a branch over at neighbour Malaysia soon, so I'm a little too excited, whoopee!

The past week has been one laden with distractions; I've just joined the QuizUp community and I've been beaten most dreadfully over and over again in the topic of Linguistics.. so much for being a linguist! Also, guess what time it is currently.. it's supper time! I'm off to slurp some noodles, so toodles! X