Wind of whim

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It's been only a little after hump day of an exceptionally boring week at work with the absence of my chummy coworkers, but I'm already looking forward to the weekend! Weekends have certainly been my comfort, for some drivin' around, explorin' and sippin' of mochas. I've been eating way more than usual, leading up to a widening waist line (which is ever evident here) but don't they all say that food is good? Not everyone agrees with me that one should eat whatever one desires, but here's a toast to all you lovely cooks out here!

Slouchy Sunday

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Hola chicos! I've been out battling with from the overconsumption of an incredibly potent dose of durians and chocolate. Deepest, deepest apologies for missing out! Work and the planning for an upcoming trip has zapped much of my battery as well, but while work has been the most powerful energy sucker that  leaves me under my sheets by 10.30 tops, I'm with some of the wackiest colleagues and there's free food on a quotidian basis, so I think I'm sold to the job, at least temporarily! The money earned will also go to service my trip in July, so it's really just a little while more to hopefully steady posts to come. Keeping 'em fingers crossed!